On your own legs

The spirit of fighting and the joy of life are motivated by will-strong people and overcome obstacles. But if a roll is a stone in the way and the usual curbside resembles an abyss, triumph only barriers.
When a cross-paralyzed young woman has a chance to run again, it is a triumph over a bitter destiny and all the barriers.

But when the costumers say NO to therapy, they need you and me to say YES to overcome barriers.
Please help us. We want to get Natalie back on his feet.

Take 3 minutes and do something good. Even if you share this page "only", you can do a lot.
Who is the person you are talking about?
Natalie is an assistant to the management in the Blumenmönche flower-house and our long-time companion. Everything she takes is happening with passion and heart blood.

Natalie is, in the true sense of the word, a firefighter on the front line:

· In a kitchen fire in the neighborhood, Natalie will help the high-potential resident before the rescue workers arrive.

· When a big fire put the Church and the Brotherhood of the Flower Monks into ruins, Natalie helped evacuate the home residents. A few days later she was tormented by the rubbish to get rid of ruins.

· During her studies Natalie and a fellow student launched a donation campaign to support AIDS patients. Several thousand euros could then be handed over to the foundation.

Where others were in need and needed help, Natalie was unconditionally there.
Now she needs our and your help.

Natalie is a very good, prudent and experienced motorcyclist.
As every year, you also opened the motorcycle season with driving safety training in 2015. But despite all the safety precautions and the appropriate speed, she did not have a chance to keep her machine in a bend with Rollsplit.
Through the collision with the guardrail Natalie suffered several fractures of the spine and chest. After the rescue on site, the full extent of their injuries was only recognized in the clinic, followed by 13 hours of emergency surgery and the stabilization of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae.

Stabilization of the spine. After three weeks in the intensive care unit and several surgeries then the shock diagnosis: cross section from the 6 thoracic vertebral.

Operated back
In the following six months, Natalie trained back to life. Through daily exercise, physiotherapy, therapeutic riding (hippotherapy) and gait training in the exoskeleton Natalie fought against the diagnosis and indescribable pain. Even then, the therapist hesitantly hoped that with hard training, the legs could move themselves again.

Exercises with the exoskeleton

Never again can run 
After the release, the crushing reality: except for a life-long physiotherapy (twice weekly 30 minutes), no costs for therapy and healing are taken over.
Natalie is considered as exempted.
· Successful gait therapy - rejected.
· Stehtrainer - rejected.
· Hippotherapy - rejected.

With a wheelchair the diagnosis was sealed.
Despite this fate, Natalie kept her joy in life. She re-entered her profession, later changed to the flowering monks, and always clung to her recovery. After nearly two years between work, unbearable pain, hard training and countless attempts to get on the feet, now hope is in sight.

Finally help
Natalie, a medical doctor from an internet chat for those affected, presented her in a private rehabilitation center. The therapists Natalie were already on their feet at the Probetraining. With her support and a walker, Natalie could even take some tentative steps.

Although the clinic classifies the running as a realistic therapy goal, the cost carriers refuse to accept the costs.
While I am wrestling for words, I am deeply moved because I do not know how to explain to Natalie. Although an improvement in her condition is possible, 

Natalie will always be dependent on the wheelchair because there is no money for the therapy.
Natalie did not deserve that. She is always a man who struggles for the best in the other.
It would be a poor picture if we were not now wrestling for it. Even if it costs us a huge overcoming, making its history public and asking others for support, we are now focusing on each one of you.

Please help Natalie get back on her feet with your donation. Every little piece of evidence brings them closer to therapy. If you can not donate or want to donate, please take a minute and share this page with your friends. 

This can also help a young person not having to spend his days in wheelchairs.
Help us share this page, to meet as many people as possible. I know we can do it and I believe in God and all the people who want to help us.
I thank you much in advance, no matter how much you donate or if you share the page with your friends. I thank you with all my heart, and I will pray for you and for all who turn hopes into hope.
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Natalies Donation account at KSK Reutlingen:
Natalie Henkel

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